Micro Bio Enviro Systems It is a reputed organization of experienced engineers offering turn-key bio sewage treatment plants (STP) and solutions. Our aim is to help individuals and companies achieve sustainability and make a positive environmental impact.
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Micro Bio Enviro Systems (MICROBES) is a reputed organization of experienced engineers offering turn-key bio sewage treatment plants (STP) and solutions. Our aim is to help individuals and companies achieve sustainability and make a positive environmental impact.


Non filling

Our system works smoothly without needing constant refills, ensuring uninterrupted performance for your convenience.


Join the green movement with Microbiosystem! We help you manage waste in an eco-friendly way, contributing to a cleaner environment and saving precious resources.


Experience a fresh, odour-free environment with Microbiosystem’s revolutionary solution. Say goodbye to foul smells associated with traditional waste disposal methods effortlessly.

Eco friendly

Microbiosystem is your partner in environmental responsibility! Using advanced technology; we minimize harm to nature while promoting sustainable living practices for a greener planet.

Low maintenance

Forget about complicated upkeep! Our system requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to manage waste efficiently without any hassle.

Non electric

Powered by nature, Microbiosystem operates without electricity, making it energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.


Microbiosystem is committed to long-term sustainability! By harnessing natural processes, we ensure that your waste management practices support a healthier planet for future generations.

Cost effective

Save both money and the environment with Microbiosystem! It offers cost-effective waste management solutions without compromising quality, helping you make intelligent, eco-conscious choices.



This system is perfect for your home wastewater treatment, as it is totally silent, odorless, calls for minimal annual maintenance, and is barely visible. You can even use the resulting water for your irrigation.

100% Proved


With so many people in and around your institution, a reliable sewage system is key – which is why MICROBES is the ideal solution. It’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient – offering a long-term answer to your wastewater problems.

100% Proved

Google Reviews

10:49 01 Apr 24
Good Service installed in my site
14:57 26 Mar 24
The service provided by Microbes for installing the new bio-tank at our site is highly commandable. There commitment to deliver the tanks ontime and their cooperation during installation is completely satisfiable. The charges are nominal too. Thanks to all the cooperation rendered by Mr. Thamizh and Mr. Babu. Much appreciated.
Ar RajkumarAr Rajkumar
07:14 22 Mar 24
Guruprasad VenkatramanGuruprasad Venkatraman
15:58 12 Mar 24
A month back, there was a suggestion put forward my constructor to try Bio tank instead of regular tank due to nature of the soil. While exploring many vendors, their videos, their profiles etc… I got introduced with Mr. Tamilarasan from Microbes. He was very honest, patience in explaining the process of Bio tech. Then comes the actual hero’s who works on the ground. I should really thank Mr. Babu and his team who did fabulous installation today under the hot sun. Cuduos to the ground team. Concept the way they manufactured this tank is amazing. Need to explore / feel the features as it goes. Thank you Microbes
Aravind SaravananAravind Saravanan
10:17 15 Mar 23
Perfect installation without any damageProper guidance given to the laborsAdditionally they are adding water leakage proofMr.Tamihz and the technician Mr.Prasanth cleared my doubts multiple times even the worst case scenario.Note: quality was good more than my expectation reached thanks a lot microbes team
08:22 13 Apr 22
Bio septic is going to be the future to have healthy and a clean environment. You save and recycle your ground water.Since I am constructing a house and I was searching for a good quality Bio septic tank in and around Chennai, also I enquired products outside Chennai and I finalized Microbes.Microbes are truly professionals who provides a firm quality materials and on time installation.Decent price compared to other providers.Overall staff are good experienced and customer friendly.Thanks for Microbes and best wishes.

Why microbes

World-class solution and excellent customer support
Unrivalled technical competence
Rich in-house R&D;
The bio-STP solution is easily installed
No moving parts or electricity required
Improves the groundwater table
The bio-STP can be used across all residential and commercial domains (from villas and apartments to industries, hostels etc)
Can be used irrespective of whether a central sewerage connection is available from the Government.
Free from odour and any need to remove sludge periodically
Reasonable pricing and life-long low maintenance solution
Ensures safety and freedom from pests and insects like cockroaches etc

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